About Us

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Flatmatie is a portal aiming to assist peers around the globe to find accommodation. The idea is based on the sharing economy trend and that property is not affordable for many people.  We are focusing not only to match people with the property but to match personalities so that they can enjoy their co-living period. Enjoy this portal and treat other users with respect and honesty. Assist this small community to grow!

Our Story

The idea for Flatmatie was born in a casual night out when Thomas and Alex met for shisha and tea at their favorite town spot. Thomas and Alex, both involved in the real estate sector*, love properties, and their potentials so they were often discussing creating an online tool that would assist people to find the ideal shared property or the ideal people to live with anywhere in the world. Thomas and Alex believe that sharing property is nowadays an attitude to life that brings people together and connects them through shared experiences.
*Thomas, a real estate professor and land appraiser and Alex, a former student of Thomas and a real estate agent


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