Frequently Asked Questions


What is shared accommodation?

Shared accommodation is an on-going trend between youngsters and young (or not) professionals that for several reasons decide to co-stay in a flat or house. Flatmates (or housemates) typically have their own bedrooms, while they share common living spaces such as the kitchen and the living room. Some people are lucky enough to co-stay with friends while others are even luckier because Flatmatie is there to assist them to find the perfect flatmate, housemate, or even tenant for their properties.

What is shared-living?

Shared-living is when you actually share experiences with your flatmates and not just accommodation. In Flatmatie we believe in co-living and not just co-staying so the common spaces of the house transform into social spaces where flatmates interact. Therefore, we will assist you to find the perfect flatmates with whom you will share a home and not just a property, building your own shared habits and experiences.

Who chooses shared-living?

People who choose shared-living vary in age, social, and professional background. Shared-living is traditionally chosen by university students but also young professionals in the dawn of their professional lives. Shared-living however is gaining ground among people 35+ who choose an affordable and sociable lifestyle

Why choose shared-living?

The answer is simple: sharing is caring. Life is more meaningful when creating, living, and also sharing experiences with other people. Choosing shared-living you have the opportunity to meet people and broaden your horizons. Shared-living is non less good for your wallet as you can share with your flatmates not only the rent but also other daily expenses. Not to forget that choosing shared-living gives you the opportunity to live in a better property with less money and also makes it possible to live in big cities all over the world. Visit our blog for Seven reasons to choose share-living.

Is shared-living easy?

Shared-living could be easy and fun if flatmates respect each other’s needs and boundaries and also if they set beforehand some shared-living rules regarding cleaning, inviting people over, groceries, etc. To make share-living easy visit our blog for Five tips for positive share-living.

Why use Flatmatie?

It is fast and easy

All you need to do is sign in with your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account and you can search for properties or flatmates anywhere you want to live. You choose your preferred location, whether you need a room or have room to let, fill-up some info on yourself or your property, wait for confirmation and that’s it! For any questions, you can follow our ‘How to’ guide.

It is free
Whether you need a room, a flatmate or you have a space for rent, Flatmatie is currently free

It is global
Flatmatie gives you the opportunity to search for properties or flatmates all around the world, wherever you decide to live. Through Flatmatie you can compare accommodation opportunities and costs in different places around the globe.

It is moderated
The ads posted on our platform are moderated daily in order to avoid scam ads. Furthermore, properties and flatmates advertised are being reviewed by users.

It is people-oriented.
In Flatmatie we care about people and their shared-living experiences so we are 24/7 there to assist you in anything you might need.

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