It's free to list, search, and communicate.
Now you can rent out your place or find a place to stay.

Does have an app?

We don’t have an App version of our website yet!
However, our website has been cleverly designed and optimized for use on smartphone and tablet browsers.

How do you find a flatmate?

To have great matchmaking we recommend listing your place first. Your listing will go through our security check, as soon your place will be approved and published online our automated email generator will contact the person who is interested in renting your place or someone else may be interested in renting your place.

Why you don't have any property alerts?

We do have any property emails alert to subscribe for listings. You need to create a personal listing or property listing which is an alert when a listing will be published on our website. 

Is free or I need to pay for subscription plans?

No, you do not need to pay any membership or monthly subscription plans, we are 100% free of charge!

What's the difference between and other share living and property websites?

We are free of charge, we don't charge any subscription fees or weekly or monthly plans. We tend to focus more on finding the exact match rather than a typical property listing and advertising website. 

Why my listing is not published?

All of our new and edited listings go through security checks. We need to make sure that our listings are real and do not contain anything prohibited. We might check your account and ensure the safety of all our members on the site.
The process usually takes a couple of minutes, however, it depends on the queue or the volume of listings.
Our team will enable and approve your listing as soon as possible and we will notify you by email that your listing is approved or denied.

Does flatmatie send messages?

No, we do not send any fake messages! We will never send you text messages or links asking you to visit our website or insert your card details.
If you received a message that you believe is not legitimate please contact us.

What does a Verified user mean?

A verified badge is a check that appears next to flatmatie users' profile names. This means that flatmatie has confirmed that an account is authentic. has check users' IDs, utility bills, and social media accounts such as Facebook and Linkedin profiles.  

Does support couples?

We support everyone from students, individuals, and professionals to couples with pets, and retirees.

Why Shouldn’t I post my room or place it on other online platforms?

We believe that is fairly enough to post on a maximum of 3 portals. However, if you post on many portals you may receive hundreds of calls per day which could be annoying both for you and the property seeker.

Is it illegal to rent a room?

We suggest that you get advice from a legal advisor in your country or state.
In some countries you will need to become a resident landlord, this means you will rent out a part of a property that is your main home.

How much rent income is tax-free?

Another very popular question! We highly recommend getting professional advice from a legal attorney or tax advisor.

How I edit my listing?

If you forgot to add a specific feature re-edit your listing's photo please login to your account, find your listing, click the edit pencil icon, make your changes.  

Can estate agents and lettings agents advertise on 

Everyone is welcome to list properties, however, please note that you must hold all the necessary licenses in your country that you advertise property lettings.

How do I delete a listing on

Log in to your account, click my rooms, search by filters or created date, click on the bin/delete tab.

I found a bug or web site issue. 

If you found a website issue, please contact us. To help and resolve the issue, please send us the attached screenshot with the URL we will highly appreciate your kindness.

How can I give feedback? 

We will always love to hear your feedback and recommendations to help and improve our services. 
For feedback please click here


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